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This article is especially for men, but women listen too.

I want you to listen to the truth.

All men, calling all men, you motherfuckers need to stop being so sensitive. Stop being so fucking emotional. You have to stop looking for love like you are a 5 years old girl looking for a unicorn. You are a men.


You know when you grow up, you’ve been brainwashed. By TV, by the movies, by the medias and society in general. They want men act like pussy. But here's the truth : You guys need to stop being so sensitive because that’s not masculin energy, and that’s why you’re attracting women that are kicking your ass. If you don't have masculin energy then the women you attracts in your life is the one with masculin energy. Be careful, being in this position will be harmful. Nice guys are just nice guys, they put women on pedestal and that's why they're treating them like crappy broad. But that doesn't mean that to be a real man (a man expressing masculine energy) you have to treat women badly. 

Treat them as they treat you. If a woman shows interest in you then reward her by showing her interest. If a woman shows disinterest in you then do the same. When you chase something, it runs away. That's nature.

So there is a time to show interest and a time to show disinterest. There's a time to talk, there is a time to fuck. Calibrate ! (this one is a keyword) 


You know when you’re saying stuff like « I want her to love me » and other similar stupid shit. I mean Why ? What the fuck is wrong with you. You want her to love you, then grow up and be a fucking man. She wants to love you, she is wired to love you. That’s the point i’m trying to make. But she is wired to love that men with masculin energy. Not just another nice/needy guy. Especially for very attractive women, these girls are getting hit on ten times a day at least. So don't be like all those guys hitting on girls the wrong way. (Read our article "10 mistakes guys make when it comes to women")

For instance, if you just broke up, don’t go publish shitty stuff on social media like « god i miss her so much » or 

other stupid reactions like that. You are just making it worst. Man the fuck up.


Here is something that you must know. Women loves to be dominated in bed.

Well it goes further than this. Women wants a men who DOMINATES. And don't forget, to have more you simply have to become more.

End of story.


You have to dominates your life. This goes further than seduction or pick up, it's personal development. To resume, i'll say: be the best version of yourself and women will follow. It's as simple as that.

Improve yourself in any area, don't compete with anyone. Compete with what you are capable of. Be a fucking leader. A leader is just someone who is living his life with its own terms.

I know that some girls will argue on that point, there are always exceptions to the rules. But between what they say they want and what they really want, what they are wired to, they are some very big differences. Women are emotional, so if you can demonstrate alpha energy she will be attracted to you.

Attraction is not a choice


Yes, one day son you will be a man. You have to be a man. There’s a difference between a male and a female, win & wang, black & white… And those two attracts each other. But if you’re a man and you’re not demonstrating masculine energy, you might get that girl, but she will be definitely cheating on you, without a fucking doubt. And she’s going to be the man in your relationship. So what you should do right now, is getting your balls back. Be a man in your life, be a man for your family, be a man in your relationships, be a man for your business, be a fucking man for yourself.


Your body does not define who you are as a personne. If you’re a man and you’re afraid to take off your clothes in front of a women, then you’re not a man. I don’t care how fat you might be or not. You have to be proud of you and your body. So everything comes down to your psychology once again. If you're not good in your body, you will focus on negatives things. But if you feel good about your body, then you'll feel energetic and you feel good about yourself and your whole psychology has changed. When you workout your mind and your body finally works together. It will give you more energy in your life, more confidence, more focus. More power.

So get out and meet new people. Get out of your comfort zone. Discover what you are capable of doing. Be the fucking leader of your own destiny.

Be alpha. Be bold.

Source: Youtube

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