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Here are the top 10 mistakes that men make, fix those quickly.

Ok first, as men we're all going to screw up someday. And that's OK!

Now let's take a look at the common mistakes we all made one day in our lives, fix those if you want to improve your game and seduce girls like never before. Stand out.

1 - Guys shows way too much interest

Too early, too much interest. You guys need to learn to hold off on showing her that you are interesting in her. From her point of view, she doesn’t know you yet, so if you shows too much interest in the beginning, that means you’re just interested in fucking her.

And if you’re interested in just fucking her you might going to find a chick that wants to fuck with you, with is going to be very rare. Or, you’re going to loose 90% of the girls you are talking to. 

2 - A lack of fashion

If you’re dealing with a 10, a very attractive girls. Those girls have fashion, from her hairs to her toes. They don’t want to talk to someone who can’t understand how to put a shirt with pants. You have to have a sense of fashion and demonstrate it.

3 - You guys are too quiet / too shy

It’s not cool, you have to be able to talk, to have confidence, you have to be able to speak and communicate. If you’re quiet & shy, especially when you’re out meeting girls then you’re a zero, she won’t want to hang out with you. So learn to communicate. Talk, talk, talk.

4 - They don’t understand preselection

A lack of understanding of how important preselection is. Guys have this misconception that if girls thinks you’re talking to other girls, they’re going to drop you because you’re a player. Well, guess what, you are wrong. It’s just not true. If you’re aiming a 9 or a 10, a very attractive women, she needs to know that you are talking to other girls that are hot, this is part of game. She needs to know this, and you have to demonstrate it. This will make your game go to a different level. It might sounds illogical, but that’s it. Do you really think women are logical ?  

5 - You are not animated

Some guys when they talk are just monotone. That’s boring. When you tell a story, take some mouvement. You have to be animated, and go up and down on an emotional scale.

6 - They only talk to 1 girl

This one is very important. You as a guys needs to talk to more than one girl in your life. Otherwise when you’ll meet a girl, you’ll start falling for her, you get what we call one it is. Which is you meet this girl, she just becomes your world, and you’ll loose her. This is not for her to know that you are talking to other girls, this is for you to know that you are talking to other women. Because it changes your vibe, you can have your balls back. Talk to more than one girl at a time. It will increase your confidence and the way you’re talking to women. 

7 - Not knowing what an IOI / IOD is

IOI stands for Indicator of Interest & IOD stands for indicator of Disinterest.

When she’s indicating interest in you, you have to reward that and show interest. When a girl shows disinterest in you, you have to show disinterest also. Get a better understanding of theses.

8 - Not understanding NEGs

A neg is not being disrespectful. People misunderstand it, or don’t use it. But it’s essential to build attraction. A neg is when you disqualify yourself to get the girl. It means you are not trying to have sex with her, you are negging her. Girls are getting hit on all the time. So you need to disqualify yourself. Be playful, be cocky. 

9 - They don't know how to qualify 

She’s got to know that you like her for something about her. Get a good understanding of qualifying her. (go get the book: Mystery method for more info)

10- You are not confortable enough

You have to be conformable when you talk to women, even around another human beings. Confidence is everything. Most guys don’t have the same confidence when they talk to their friends than when they talk to pretty women. That needs to get fixed. Now go workout, try to improve who you are. Be the best.

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