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What is peacocking & How it triggers attraction

The word peacocking first came from a pick up guru called "Mystery" aka Erik von Markovik. It originally comes from the peacock who uses his tail nothing but to attract the peafowl (the peacock's female). In the human world, this means showing off who you are in a remarkable way. Wearing interesting items is a great place to start.


Peacocking, it’s a way of convening confidence and a certain aspect of your personality, that you’re playful, just by your clothing alone. It allows them (women) to initiate the chat with you. 

"In fact, everyone of you should at least wearing one interesting item." - Mystery

I think that this scene from the movie 17 Again explain pretty well what peacocking is.

As you can see, peacocking won't make it or brake it. You're not going to get laid just because you get dressed in a particular way. You need to know game, to feel good about yourself, and you need to be confident. Ortherwise you'll just look like a freak.


The very fact that you are wearing these interesting items somehow just triggers attraction in women because they know that you’re going to be fucked with from other guys. That’s the peacocking theory. You know if you have this big long colorful tail and yet you’re still healthy and still live. Well, then you must be the best. You show her you can handle social pressure without even saying a word. It shows that you're confident enough to face other's people reaction. It's really all about masculin energy.


Tattoos are peacocking, hats, bracelets, clothes, the way you act and speak is peacocking. So don't forget that peacocking won't make it or brake it. You are not going to get laid just by wearing interesting items. But it's so powerful to demonstrate higher value in front of women. It's also a great way to open the conversation.


Many men don't believe in peacocking, and they're stupid. It's a secret weapon that you should use all day everyday. Show to this world who the fuck you are ! Be unforgettable with The Peacock, outstanding products for men in limited editions.

the peacock bracelet
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